Swedish Massage

Designed to bring circulation to stagnant areas of the body that may need blood flow. Can promote relaxation and general well being.

Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to address tight areas of tissue deep within the fascia. Addresses myofascial injuries and trigger points.

Pre Natal Massage

Designed for mother and baby to relax and enjoy the moment. Great for general muscle tension and strain during pregnancy.

*extra pillows can be requested for accommodation purposes

Cupping Massage

Cupping is designed to get deeper into the muscle tissue to promote blood flow to stagnant muscle belly’s. Can promote healing to sports injuries and combat inflammation. Great to book in between massage appointments.



  • 3X 90 minute massages $285
  • 3X 1 hour massages $240
  • 3X 45 minute massages $195
  • 3X 30 minute massages $150

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All exclusive package purchases will receive a complimentary punch card to keep track of your massages. After 3 massage appointments, receive your 4th massage FOR FREE!
Please ask for details on your purchase.

Come On In

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Day at the Spa